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About Me

Jon Agresta

Professor Agresta Receiving DeVry University’s Distinguished Faculty Award in December 2011

I am currently the Assistant Dean of Teaching & Learning at DeVry University in Philadelphia, PA. At DeVry I taught a wide range of courses in Web and Graphic Design as well as Computer Information Sciences. I am always trying to teach the latest technology and design so I incorporate CSS and Javascript as well as using cutting edge programs like Adobe Muse and Illustrator. By the end of the courses I hope that my students can leave with a well rounded and able knowledge of web design, programming, and graphic design.

Before coming to DeVry I was an Instructor in the Web Design & Interactive Media Department at The Art Institute of Houston. At the Art Institute I taught web design and graphic design courses such as Digital Illustration, Concepts in Motion, and Digital Imaging.

Before working at The Art Institute I was a graduate student and Instructor at The University of Massachusetts Amherst and an Adjunct Professor in the Computer Information Technologies Department of Elms College. At Elms I taught web design courses such as Website Multimedia, Intro to HTML, and GUI Web Design. Before leaving UMass I earned my B.S. in Computer Animation and Web Design as well as a Master of Education in Educational Technologies.

Outside of teaching classes at Elms I also taught a class in a small section of the Computer Science department at UMass known as the Center for Knowledge Communication. Over the course of four years I have taught Interactive Web Animation. The course explored Adobe Flash and it’s programming language ActionScript. Most of my students were Computer Science or Art majors but we usually had a mix of experienced and non-experienced students. The assignments included creating an animation, a game, and a portfolio. Students also had the ability to choose their own final project. In most cases we got advanced games, programs, chat clients, RPG’s, and full websites.

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